Friday, January 2, 2015

With a New Year comes a few new changes

With the new year comes a few small personal changes here on the farm. One of these small changes is our home décor. I know this sounds a bit odd, but I've always had a taste for the finer things in life but could never quite decorate our house with a certain old fashioned formal flare, until now. I've always had a passion for the Victorian era. The houses were magnificent and people had a very formal refinement, something that has been long forgotten, especially in these modern times.

I had found a website a couple months ago that cater to the Victorian era. They have everything from women's hats and clothing to home décor and everything in between. The website is  Since finding the website, I've noticed it seemed to go hand in hand with one event the women in the Sweeney family love to participate in and host, and that is the tea party. The women get together in their big funny hats and we sip tea and eat gourmet finger foods. Being a little on the eccentric side I decided I needed some Victorian style hats for these tea parties. As I would look at everything the website had to offer I noticed "affordable" items for the house that I just couldn't do without. With Christmas fast approaching and family members needing ideas for things to get me, this seemed the perfect opportunity to revamp our home, and so it began.

However, with the new décor I realized that I needed a new me. Most people say that to create a new self, you must start from within and work your way outward. Well while that may be true for some its not for everyone. I for example need to work outward in. For starters, growing up I was taught to behave like a lady, although I'm pretty sure I didn't quite achieve this goal completely. I was always more of a tomboy.  However, I still remember the basics of polite society.

So, to work on myself there are a few things that need to change. For starters, like with everyone's new years resolution, I need to loose weight. The second thing is that I need to use my manners more often, and to brush up on basic etiquettes and put them to use in everyday life.

I  also need to teach these things to Skylar. I've taught her the basic manners, but I feel she needs a slight bit of refinement.

So, these are our small personal changes on the farm and while it may be a little odd or maybe even outdated in our modern society, I feel that getting truly back to the basics will improve our lives a little more.


  1. I like your ideas. One thing I am trying to incorporate into my life is wearing skirts more often with a goal of wearing them all of the time as the year goes on. It's going slow, though, because I am sewing most of them and because old habits die hard.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Anonymous,

    I applaude your efforts:) it's never easy to incorporate new things into your life. I understand completely about old habits. I myself am a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. Just remember, wearing skirts all the time can be a bit trying, they don't always go with everything and sometimes just a nice pair of pants will do lol. With that said though skirts can be a bit more comfortable and in any situation they will always make you look nice. The fact that you're sewing them yourself is awesome. I'm lucky I can hem pants, however I impress myself when the hem lines are sort of straight. I wish you the best of luck in the new year and with a little bit of diligence I'm sure you'll achieve your goal. Please keep me posted on how it goes:)